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Home built Simulator
Hi everyone,

Just thought I'd share a few pics of my flight simulator which I've now finished building. It's been going on since January and I'm glad to have it just about complete! Obviously it's not as good as the one at Dundee airport but it's good enough for me :-) I tried designing it on the same one at the flying club so therefore called it "alsim".

It took me a while to get everything in sinc with each other but it's done now and when I switch on the masterswitches the avionics all come on etc. Also, if I was to select the gear down and there was problem it would shouw on the CWP. I still need to make a trim wheel for the pedestal but I've got a switch on the yoke that does that so it doesn't matter for now.

There are still a few more bits and bobs to finish off and I've still to get 2 more projectors for the side windows but I'm waiting until I can get them cheap of ebay. :-)

So, here are the pics I took yesterday when I flew the ILS APP in Dundee. (For some reason the projector looks a bit green in the pictures and the image of the instruments are not very clear)

Here is the shell of the cockpit with the "alsim" logo:

And here's the MIP:

Here are the avionics with the EGPN frequencies set up:

A picture of the pedestal:

It's also possible to select lots of different types of aircraft and when you change aircraft, the instruments change accordingly:




Looking outside:

The panel with the mags, gear and lights:

Here is a pic of the Autopilot set up for an approach into EGPN, you can see the G/S and APP modes active:

The APP into EGPN:

Pedestal again:

Force feedback yoke:

All the lights on:

The King Air throttle:

Everything switched off:

One last pic:

Fell free to get in touch for a shot...
Now thats some set-up......I'm mightly impressed Tom !

you now have the best of both Worlds, real flying at Tayside and the next best thing - flying at Home!

Next, you'll definitely have a Carear in Aviation.....

keep up the good work Dude Grin
Tally Ho... !
Thanks Guys, here are some more pics, I've managed to get the Citation Jet set up now:


excellent Tom

is there Discounted rates for friends ?Pfft
Tally Ho... !
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