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2014 Membership Form for Tayside Flying Club Dundee
Hi Flyers

Please find the New 2014 Membership form, attached to the 'Membership form Tab' on the left hand side of the Home page.
Can you complete this form and return to Bernadette with the correct payment please.
Tally Ho... !
I've received quite a few emails asking who needs to join the flying club?

Tayside have confirmed that anyone who 'hires an aircraft at Tayside' must also join the Flying club membership. This also ensures that you are Insured to fly the aircraft, which is essential for all aviators.

Bottom line is if you hire an aircraft - you must have a flying club membership.
Cadets don't require a flying club membership.
Passengers don't require a membership.

If in doubt, please call the Ops desk at Tayside Aviation & they will keep you right....
Tally Ho... !
hi Flyers - there's tons of Membership emails heading my way, so I hope these answers will help:

To operate a Tayside aircraft whether its hiring or PPl training you first need to join Tayside Flying club.

The £98 membership is split between payment for flying club which allows you to use the facilities inside Tayside aviation, and also for Insurance purposes, i.e. if you unfortunately have an accident – you and the aircraft are insured.

Membership of ‘Tayside Flying club online website’ is only an online service, but this doesn’t make you a member of Tayside Flying Club.

The £98 membership form Everyone must complete in January of every year ensures membership of Tayside Flying club , which in turn allows you entry to Tayside aviation premises and the use of their aircraft and insurance.

In January of each year, everyone is required to join the flying club, fill in the form ( on the flying club website) and pay their money to the Ops desk at Tayside aviation.

It isn’t a one off payment, it needs to be renewed each year.

If you renew your membership in July the fee remains the same. But you cannot fly a Tayside aircraft and be insured until you complete the form and pay the annual membership fee.

The airside pass needs to be renewed each year also ( for free )

If you don’t join the flying club and pay the annual fee then your not insured to fly the aircraft !

Hope this make its a bit easier to understand, if you have any more questions feel free to ask, I’m here to help ... or you can ask the Ops desk....

Tally Ho... !
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